Authors :-K.T.V Subba Rao, D.Venkatesh, S.Farooq Ahmed.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Groundwater normally clean and free of bacteria as it is filtered through various soil layers. But due to Rapid urbanization, industrialization and improper disposal of waste that polluting even groundwater. Objective of this study is to assess and map the spatial distribution of groundwater quality in Guntur District Andhra Pradesh, using geographical information system (GIS). As the capital region is laid in between Guntur and Krishna district. Groundwater is the main source for industrialization and urbanization. Here the physical and chemical properties analytical data of groundwater sample data of 30 well points of various regions in Guntur district are being collected from the ground water department of Andhra Pradesh. These data is predefined into attribute database. Thematic map from the attribute tables were generated using ArcGIS software. The inverse distance weighted (IDW) spatial interpolation technique was used to estimate the spatial distribution of groundwater parameters like pH, hardness, chlorides, sulphates, sodium, magnesium, potassium, carbonates, bicarbonates and specific conductivity. However, this analysis helps us to compare between different parameters and with different years. The present work is available for future planning and management of groundwater resources in the Guntur district. Suitable remedial measures are also suggested for the improvement of the quality of groundwater uniformly throughout the district.
Keywords:- Arc GIS, ground water, spatial distribution, thematic maps, quality.