Authors : Arpita Dwivedi, Monika Chaturvedi.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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As now alcoholism is treated as trend. Alcoholism mainly effect on their families when one member of the family abuses alcohol, it causes disruption and disharmony within the family and thus, every member suffers.A study was done with the purpose of“toassess the attitude towards alcoholism among wives of individualswith alcohol dependence” in selected community area Indore (M.P.). A quantitative approach was used with descriptive survey design in 30 wives of alcoholic was selected through non probability purposive sampling technique. Data analysis was done by descriptive and inferential statistics. Mean score of wives of alcoholic was 37.6 , This value indicated, that selected wife of alcoholic come under negative attitude towards alcoholism in community area . Significant difference were found at score (p<0.05) thus the study revealed that There is no association with the selected socio demographic variables regarding attitude toward alcoholism. So null hypothesis H0 is retainedandH1 is rejected.