Authors : Sahaya Sakila V, Nimisha Yadav, AshwinVatsa, Rohan Yadav.

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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Many people suffer from sleep disorders as a result their quality of sleep decreases affecting their sleep as well as their day to day life. In this paper we propose an IOT based system that is personal automated pillow that helps the person suffering from insomnia and also helps person suffering from sleep this system is connected to phone through internet and it has massager embedded in it as well as the speaker is there which will work when alarm is turned on, the sound sensor will help to gather all the sounds and because of the sound the person can wake up, the massager has a time limit of 25 minutes afterwards it will turn off, this massager will try to sooth the mind and give a relaxing effect and help the person to sleep, as the phone is connected to pillow it can also control the electrical appliances, the speaker has a system in which one can play songs too which can make a person to sleep peacefully.