Authors :- Dr. D. Sharmila , R. Roshini , S. D. Sowmya , V. Pooja Devi , R. Nikeshvasan

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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Dam automation provides efficient control and monitoring of water. By automating the canals and dams the wastage of water can be prevented to a greater extent. The main objective of this project is to control and monitor the distribution of the water to the areas according to their requirement. Floods are also avoided because the gates are operated automatically when the level increases. Presently manual control is employed to control the gates of the dams and canals. When they are automated the water is released automatically. It prevents over flow of the water which causes flood in some areas. In this project, we are using Texas Instruments microcontroller board which controls and monitors the water flow. Various sensors are used which provide the values of the level of water according to which control action is taken. The gates are operated automatically by using gear motor. When the level decreases the gates are opened automatically, the gates remain open till the itreaches a certain level. By employing automation in dams and canal irrigation many complications can be avoided.
Index Terms—Floods, Overflow, Microcontroller, Gear Motor, Gates, Irrigation.