Authors :-Anuradha S. Bidre, Apeksha K. Kamble, Vidula V. Patil, Pritam B.Nikam.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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The existing solar water heating systems are studied with their applications. Nowadays, hot water is used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. Various resources i.e. coal, diesel, gas etc, are used to heat water and for steam production. Solar energy is the chief alternative to replace the conventional energy sources. The solar water heating system the technology to harness the plenty amount of free available solar thermal energy. The solar thermal system is designed to meet the energy demands. The size of the systems depends on availability of solar radiation, temperature requirement of customer, geographical condition and arrangement of the solar system, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to design the solar water heating pipeline system as per above parameters. The available literature is reviewed to understand the construction, arrangement, applications and sizing of the solar water heater system.
Keywords:-Solenoide valve, Temperature sensor(PT-100),Relays,PIC16F877A.