Authors :-Durga Devi Chaulagain, Kamal Parajuli, Nidhi Sharma,

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 9

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Occupational hazards are of vital risk factors which play role in physical and mental wellbeing of the workers which may subsequently lead into economical crisis if a sole earner of bread and butter in a family is affected. Appropriately 30-50% of workers report exposure to physical, economical, and biological hazards. Equal number of working people report psychological overload at working places which results into stress symptoms. It has been estimated that about 120 m occupational related accidents with 200,000 deaths occur annually. It has also been emphasized that around 68-157 m new cases of occupational diseases are caused by exposure to various factors at working places.The objective of the study is to assess the awareness regarding occupational hazards among the workers of selected industries of Biratnagar, Morang, Koshi ,Nepal.
Keywords:-Awareness,Industrial Workers,Occupational Hazards, personal protective equipment(PPE), industrial hygiene, workplace.