Authors :-  Sk Rubeena Yasmeen , G Koti Reddy

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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This paper proposes development fuzzy logic control of DSTATCOM for improvement of power quality. The nonlinear loads make voltage to be deviated and current to be distorted from its sinusoidal waveform quality. Thus load balancing, harmonics elimination and voltage regulation is a heavy task that has to be accomplished to maintain quality of the power. The performance of any device depends on control algorithm used for the reference current estimation and gating pulse generation scheme. Thus the fuzzy logic control based Back Propagation (BP) algorithm has been proposed to generate the triggering pulses for the three phase H bridge inverter (DSTATCOM). These schemes are simulated under MATLAB environment using SIMULINK.
Keywords:-Back Propagation (BP) Control Algorithm, Harmonics, Load Balancing, Power Quality, Fuzzy Logic Control.