Authors : Vimal raj .K, Siddharth.G, Azhagu Lakshmi.R, Sivasankaranaryani.Dr.

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 Volume 3 Issue 10

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Auxin is the much more important plant hormone and is meant for the plant growth, apical dominance, root formation, and this over production of auxin leads to death in plant. From the production auxin to make plant growth faster and it may leads to the good yielding. But in plant the auxin is distributed is various parts in various plant, even though the plant mostly found in the phloem, root and stem leaves. In the presence of the world the plant hormone auxin may be synthesis naturally and artificially. But most safe method is natural method of production because the over dose of auxin may kill the plant rapidly by the function of falling leaves but moderate amount of auxin is mint for the plant vicarious growth. In the plant the auxin is transported in the active mode of transport. And also the plant involves in the organization or formation of plant, Even though it was used as the herbicide and the weed killing factor. So the moderate auxin is safe for is most advantage able growth, but it most want for their growth .This paper may give the basic detail of auxin.