Authors : Aishwarya HD, Pooja P, Sowmya KN, Manjunath CR.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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As the volume of information creating is expanding step by step in this web world, the term Big Data is turning into an extremely prominent popular expression in the present market. Enormous Data is used as a piece of different areas of the web world. Scientific researches these days looked to exceptionally monstrous information handling, which devour moderately an excessive amount of time and exertion. The prospect of Big Data can be utilized for better wellbeing planning. Its techniques can be utilized for medicinal services information investigation which helps in better basic leadership to expand the business esteem and client premium and to give eHealth administrations. Enormous Data strategies can connect to create frameworks for the early determination of sickness, investigation, repeats, tranquilize disclosure in malignancy. An attempt is made to analyse all the technologies of Big Data used in different stages of cancer treatment as an example to show how it can be used to create an awareness in healthcare.
Keywords:- Big Data, Virtual Screening, Map Reduce.