Authors :- Prof. Sahana D S, Prof. Srinath R

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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Build-out of airfoil for a basic aircraft design” deals with designing the aircraft through the selection of some similar type aircraft as prototypes for required basic parameters like range, maximum velocity, number of crew, etc. With the total data collection of the prototype aircrafts, Suitable required parameters are chosen by zeroth approximation of aircraft design required, Where the chosen mean value of prototype aircrafts are induced to obtain the zero approximate “modernized basic design of an aircraft”. The bio-inspired airfoil concept deals with variation of distance between leading edge and maximum camber through the chord length of the basic reference airfoil, Inspired from the birds flight observation. Therefore the design evolves into different type of airfoil design. Hence each airfoil engaged with different parameters, characteristics and performance. On testing the above airfoils through CFD ANALYSIS and practical manner,(i.e.) with original models of those airfoil using wind tunnel. We study and compare the characteristics and performance parameters of the airfoils designed. The suitable design from the above airfoils will be used for the outer wing design of basic aircraft design, So that the characteristic’s and performance parameters should improve.
Keywords—Wind Tunnel Testing,CFD Analysis.