Authors :-Hamunyare Ndwabe, God’spower Pius Agbulu.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Over the years pharmaceutical analysis has been a field dominantly used in quantification, analysis, determination, separation as well as structure determination of pharmaceutical compounds. However it has largely been limited to laboratory structures, with limited influence in home-based care where it has left patients with a need to visit hospitals and pharmacies for disease monitoring. Drug monitoring remains an imperative part of healthcare systems, where a need to lessen the burden on the patients and medical practitioners is to be deemed a great necessity. This article reviews the interventions of BioMEMS in shifting the laboratory burden to an easier patient self-care system, which has thus made it a special part of pharmaceutical analysis that has proved to be reliable, time saving, patient friendly and has predominantly lessened the burden of patient monitoring in the medical field. Furthermore, there are recommendations for the future fabrication of biological micro-electro mechanical system devices, even to nanotechnology to manage chronic pain, depression and psychiatric issues.
Keywords:- BioMEMS, patient self-care, drug monitoring, home based care.