Authors : Shilpa M, Jaritha M, Jayalakshmi G, Bhuvana B, Meghana C G.

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 Volume 3 Issue 6

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Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital encrypted currency and worldwide payment system. The system works without a central bank or single administrator. It has a peer-to-peer network. The transactions take place between users directly, and no intermediary necessary. The verification of transactions takes place with the help of network nodes by means of cryptography. Blockchain is the public distributed ledger used to read transactions. The smart coins with associated non uniformed funds for smart transactions are created. These transactions are with secured online OTP gateways with user friendly selection with volume of transactions. Fully service oriented architecture has to be online with asynchronous transactions facility and automated with selective transactions with email security gateway (OTP). This way transactions will carry on with fully non distributive model with a new framework (in this work we created a new framework called CST). So transactions with funds framed from coin’s funds is reduced and visually appears to the user.
Keywords:- Cryptocurrency, blockchain, gateway, OTP.