Authors : Bharath H, Mallikarjun A B, Sachin S Biradar, Shakti Prasad N D.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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Bladeless Wind Power Generation utilizes a drastically new way to deal with catching breeze vitality. The gadget catches the vitality of vorticity, a streamlined impact that has tormented basic designers and engineers for a very long time (vortex shedding impact). As the breeze sidesteps a settled structure, it’s stream changes and creates a repetitive example of vortices. Once these powers are sufficiently solid, the settled structure begins wavering. Rather than keeping away from these streamlined dangers our outline augments the subsequent swaying and catches that vitality. Normally, the outline of such gadget is totally not quite the same as a conventional turbine. Rather than the typical pinnacle, nacelle and cutting edges, the gadget has a settled pole, a power generator and an empty, lightweight and semi-inflexible fiberglass chamber to finish everything. This puts the innovation at the low scope of capital force for such tasks, it likewise makes it profoundly aggressive not just against ages of option or sustainable power source, yet even contrasted with regular advancements.
Keywords:- Piezo Electric Material, Linear Alternator ,Blade Less Windmill, Transformer, Inverter.