Authors :- Isa Shemsi

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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Campus Network (CN) is a set of Virtual Local Area network (VLAN), which covers the entire university. It provide difference service such as connect user to internet, data sharing among user, accessing different web service for different functionalities. As Campus Network (CN) provides students, teachers, and different university member for different application, to sustain different activities in the university, so it need to design in advance. To sophisticate the campus network service, this paper proposed Smart Campus Network Design(SCND) by integrating internet of thing device with classically network device in campus network and each smart device for different application must be registered to IOE server and controlled by legitimate user. To design the proposed campus network design, I used cisco packet tracer simulator software.
Keyword:-Campus Network (CN), Smart Device, Virtual Local Rea Network (VLAN), Internet of Things.