Authors : Sothiary Toch.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 6

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With steady global changes, Cambodia’s foreign policy plays an important role in shaping its international relations and national development. The policy may even bring as much as benefits and disadvantage due to, a great extent, the incumbent leader who shapes it. This paper discusses the Cambodia’s foreign policy leadership which has been significantly shaped by the Premier Hun Sen. In this regard, the paper argues that Cambodia’s foreign policy is fundamental to its neutrality with a well-crafted strategy which is conducive to its leadership logics of flexible approach showcasing in both domestic and international aspects. The strategy is well-developed to cope with the global change in the course of maximizing the Cambodia’s core interests, at any given times and chances. However, some drawbacks in policy implementation are found and discussed either, in which are worth considering in the direction and decision making in policy implementation.
Keywords:- Cambodia, foreign policy and policy leadership.