Authors :-S. Aysha Banu, M. Bhavani Jayashree, R. Hemavathy , R. Indhumathi, V.Vijayalakshmi.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 3

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This paper discusses the process of developing a accident prevention and detection system using short message services. With the growing population the use of car as became superfluous and this has led to increase in the number of accidents at the alarm rate. This project aims at detecting the accident and reporting the location of accident to the previously coded numbers. This helps in a speedy service from the ambulance and the concerned person. The GPS and GSM technology is used to locate the position of the car in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates and sends it through SMS. When accelerometer is triggered, it helps in detecting the accident and sending the signal to the Arduino of the system. This further helps in sending the message to the concerned person. When eyeblink sensor is triggered, it works against drowsiness and makes the driver aware of accident.
Keywords:- Arduino,GSM,GPS,Eye blink sensor, Accelerometer.