Authors : Arfan Utiarahman, Andriany Saputri Rauf.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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This is a way to optimize the land based on the types of houses that would be built, give the maximum benefit. The research site is the development site of Bumi Wongkaditi Permai III Residence of Gorontalo city.This research Data from the Simplex Table optimization of Linear Programming and QM for Windows as its controlling program. The optimization of land from this calculation is 29,806m2.The optimum composition for the housing is as follows: 135units of housing for type 42 housing, 91 units of type 45 housing, and 45 units for type 54 housing and the sale profit is Rp.41,270.500,000.
Keywords:- Land Optimization, Simplex Table Method of Linear Program.