Authors : J.Chandra Sekhar, M. Praveen, P. V. S. R. Vinay Kumar. K.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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In this paper CFD analysis of a Pyro hydro turbine is presented. The main objective of this research work is to diagnose the design of existing low head Pyro hydro turbine by theoretical calculations to enhancement the power output from 3W to 20W. In this project an existing 3W prototype Pyro turbine has been install which is widely used in developing countries as well as in remote areas. In this paper, a three dimensional pyro hydro turbine is modelled using CATIA V5 software and then analysis was done through Computational Fluid Dynamics using ANSYS Fluent. With this background, an attempt has been made to modify original blade material (SS340) with Stainless Steel SA516 Grade70, which withstands the turbulence. From this analysis Von-Mises stress and deformation values are obtained and the results are compared for two different materials.
Keywords:- Pyro hydro turbine, CATIA, CFD, Stainless steel, von-mises stress.