Authors : Sapto Supriyanto, Abdul Rahman Kadir, Djabir Hamzah, Indrianty Sudirman.

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 Volume 3 Issue 9

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Types of quantitative research, adapaun hasi research is as follows: pattern mining company PLC comprising a conceptual phase, planning, execution, and termination. R & d projects including the conceptual stage. The initial design, budget approval, to the granting of the contract is the planning phase. Stage management permission until commissioning is the stage of execution. Phase transition of the hand and the closing phase is termination. Early warning model shows that the project is on the edge of chaos when operational problems occur and the problem of the availability of a time. Early-warning signals can arise at the time when the project is experiencing any of the issues above. The situation is still under control of the project if the project only administrative problems, disasters, safety, and design. Innovative decision-making while at the edge of chaos is presented through positive coordination between stakeholders of the project. This positive coordination can occur if there is a contingency plan and communication plan of the project manager. The communication plan should be preceded by mapping the stakeholders. Contingency plans must be preceded by risk mapping and mitigasinya.
Keywords:- Stake Holder, Mining, Management, Facility, Infrastructure.