Authors : Rieny Sulistijowati, Rita Marsuci Harmain, Hadri Djon.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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This study aims to examine the effect of marination of Stingray (Dasyatis sp.) meat by Belimbing Wuluh extract (Averrhoa blimbi L.) with a different concentration towards chemical quality and urea content of dried Stingray meat. The study employed experimentally in the laboratory by treatments, i.e., marination of stingray meat by belimbing wuluh extract by randomized design non factorial with twice replications. The factor concentration of 25% (A), 50% (B) and 75% (C). The data analysis steps involved ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DMRT) if significantly different to measure the tested parameters, i.e., urea content, protein content, and water content respectively. The urea content analysis by LC-MS indicates that the urea content of control sample, sample A, B, and C is 0.76 g/mL, 0.65 g/mL, 0.48 g/mL, 0.16 g/mL respectively, which signifies that higher concentration of blimbing wuluh extract contributes to the lower urea content. The ANOVA analysis result shows that the treatment does not affect towards protein content of dried stingray with a value of 13.7%-16.04% (p>0.05) in each sample. Likewise, the treatment also does not contribute significantly towards water content of dried stingray with a value of 16.21-17.36.
Keywords:- Belimbing wuluh; dried stingray, LC-MS, water, protein, urea.