Authors :-  A. Harshit Jalan

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 Volume 3 Issue 2

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Road Transport plays a vital role in development of any economy. In developing countries like India having a road, rail network is about 468882 km and 115000 km respectively shows the importance of road network in India.Rajasthan State Road Transport Undertakings and Haryana State Road Transport Undertakings are providing mobility to passenger in Rajasthan and Haryana by offering Various Services. But competition in these services itself makes these projects loss making. There are various variables for which people prefer one service over another. Haryana Roadways is profit making where as Rajasthan Roadways is making huge losses. As these are government undertaking so they remains backward as compared with private ones. Services like regular maintenance and up gradation are not possible in government undertaking so people prefer private ones. Haryana Roadways has given freedom to its drivers to decrease level in daily management. In this study a public opinion survey is carried out for finding service quality of both the services and to find the variable which affects more level of demand and based on peoples survey, some recommendations are formed.