Authors :- Oloro John.

Volume/Issue:  Volume 3 Issue 1

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The right Agents for treating Mud to achieve suitable mud properties was a problem in drilling operations, hence this study was embarked on by using different agents on fresh water drilling fluids while drilling. In this paper, mud treating agents (foreign additives and local additives) on a mud was considered and compared. Two additives (foreign and local additives) were formulated at different concentrations. From the experimental results, for the weighting agent, Barite performed better than Stibnite on mud weight. Also for the pH control additives, NaOH performed better than Burnt Plantain/Banana Peels. While for the viscosifier, CMC performed, while Tapioca causes a rapid increase in plastic viscosity which is undesirable. For Thinners, Trona and Lignosulphate gave same reducing effects, but Trona gave a better maintenance of pH.
Keywords:- Mud, Viscosifier, Drilling, Thinners, Lignosulphate, Trona.