Authors :- Mahalakshmi M , Karthika S , Keerthana P

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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Concrete is one of the most important and basic material used in all construction work. It is a largely consumed product next to water in the world. It is the strongest material composed of cement, coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. By replacing cement by rice husk ash(RHA) we can make the concrete economic meanwhile the quantity of waste also be reduced. Nowadays there arise a huge scarcity of fine aggregate by which people are shifting to M-sand. The core idea of this paper is to find the result of replacing cement by rice husk ash in M-sand concrete and make a comparative study with rice husk ash in conventional concrete. We have replaced cement by rice husk ash by 5% in both conventional concrete and M-sand concrete. All the basic tests such as compression test, split- tensile test and flexural test were performed. It is found that strength of M-sand concrete is higher than the strength of conventional concrete.
Keywords:-Concrete, M-Sand, RHA, Replacement, Strength.