Authors :- Rithika R , Sowmya S , Swetha U , Siddharth SG

Volume/Issue :- Volume 3 Issue 1

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This paper brings out a proper solution for detecting the drowsy state of the driver. Being fatigue, drowsy and feeling sleepy are identified to be the major reasons for road accidents now a days. Since this factor is unavoidable, the only way is to alert the person once he feels drowsy. To alert the driver, various detection systems were designed, considering various parameters. These factors arrive at a conclusion that various factors are found to be compromising, leading to accidents. Drowsiness is a silent killer and now it is becoming a need of the hour to bring out solutions for this issue.
Keywords:-Driver Drowsiness, Electrooculography, Electroencephalography, Karolinska Sleepinessscale, Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average