Conceptualized Brown Gas Generator to Transmute Tritium and to Mass-Produce Helium-3

Authors : Noriyuki Kodama

Volume/Issue : Volume 8 - 2023, Issue 10 - October

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I would like to propose the development of a conceptualized brown gas generator, which is the transmutation reactor to produce brown gas. Brawn gas generator transmutes the nucleus of H2O with femto-H2 generated at anode metal electrode of metal with FCC lattice structure. Cold Fusion occurs at the space site (T-site) on the metal surface with FCC lattice structure and with nano-roughness. Because femto-H2 has covalent electron in deep electron orbit at a few femto-meters from the nucleus. In case of femto-D2, the covalent electron in deep orbit can shield the coulomb repulsive force to cause Cold Fusion. In both cases, covalent electron in deep orbit shields the coulomb repulsive force between femto-H2 or femto-D2 and target nucleus, thus femto-H2 and femto-D2 fuse with target nucleus. For femto-H2, transmute the nucleus of H2O as follows. Note that 2p is femto-H2. H in H2O; p+2p=3 3Li=3 2He (electron capture) T in T2O etc. ; 3 1T+2p=5 3Li=4 2He (proton emission) O in H2O; 16 8O+2p=18 10Ne=>18 9F=>18 8O (electron capture) Because of the larger size of tritium than proton, the transmutation of tritium is faster than proton to reduce the tritium concentration in tritium contaminated water. Helium-3 and Oxygen-18 can be collected by burning brown gas in hydrogen gas turbine, which generate power to sell and collected gases are to be sold for industrial or medical use. Thus, large scale brown gas generator will bring a huge profit to industrial activities. Mr. Ohamas invented his own brown gas generator and he names the generated brown gas, OHMASA gas, or is called HOO gas. His experiments in his patent clearly show the reduction of radioactivity due to the tritium transmutation, however, the application of his gas and his transmutation of tritium seems that has not been achieved. Since I discovered the mechanism of his transmutation of tritium, I would like to report his achievements and my transmutation mechanism to the governments’ officials and researchers around the world. In order to improve the transmutation rate further, I would like to propose the new conceptualized brown gas generator based on the femto-H2 transmutation mechanism. Faster speed of H2O across the femto-H2’ trajectory of movement is needed and slower speed of femto-H2 is also necessary. Ohmasa’s generator has vertical vibration of the lateral metal plates, which makes femto-H2 goes out of the metal grain boundary due to inertia force, and femto-H2 slows down by gravity above the metal plate, which improves the transmutation rate, however the vertical motion of lateral metal electrode creates the vertical motion of H2O, which cannot improve the transmutation rate. The conceptualized brown gas generator has the H2O vibration mechanism to OHMASA gas generator. In a midpoint between metal plates, femto-H2 speed becomes slower, and H2O vibrates laterally and faster to improve transmutation rate.

Keywords : Brown’s Gas, HHO, Transmutation, Cold Fusion, femto-H2, femto-D2, Oxygen Hydrogen Combustion Turbine, Brown Gas, Helium-3, Oxygen-18, OHMASA Gas,


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