Authors : Trilok Kanasiya, Dr. Akanchha Pandey, Dr. Sandhya Choudhary, Dr. Deepak Kumar Verma.

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 Volume 3 Issue 11

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The Kisan Mobile Advisory system (KMAs) through messages is being used to deliver the needful agricultural information, specially to improve farmers’ agricultural technical knowledge with decision making ability, so that, they may be able to increase their production and productivity to fulfill market demands with securing better quality life and income in present competitive agrarian economy. The advisory was sent to target farmers covering the broad category of information like, crop production, livestock management, weather forecast, marketing, general awareness and other enterprises etc. Keeping the issues of agriculture situation in area specific and the impact of Kisan Mobile Advisory system in enhancing the technological states of farms and economy of farmers, the present study under taken to identify the constraints faced by the beneficiary farmers in obtaining the technological guidance and their suggestions. In study it was observed that farmers are facing so many constraints in obtaining the proper information through Kisan Mobile Advisory system (KMAs). Hence, farmers need to be motivated through personal contact made by experts.