Authors : Dr. Suyana, S. Pd., MM.

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 Volume 3 Issue 12

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The RBPMD curriculum is the main reference in the preparation of teaching program planning, but the conditions of BKPSDM institutions and the surrounding environment, the conditions of participants and widyaiswara are important things not to be ignored. The Teaching and Learning Process is an interactive activity between widyaiswara and Training participants which will end with an evaluation of learning outcomes. Efforts to improve learning by applying the STAD type cooperative learning model. In this type of cooperative learning, training participants are required to actively collaborate in groups to discuss and understand the subject matter given by the widyaiswara. The model for STAD cooperative learning is expected to be an effort to improve learning outcomes. The application of the STAD type cooperative learning model can increase group activity. This can be seen in achieving average values in each cycle.
Keywords:- Planning, Learning, Achievement.