Authors : Indri Ramadini, Budi Anna Keliat, Vetty Priscilla.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 12

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Coping strategy is essential for nurses in controlling work stress. Coping strategy varies they are taking lessons from the situation, doing activities, such as hobbies, participating actively in activities, sharing problems with close friends, and making the difficult situation as apart of life experience. The research aimed to describe coping strategy of HCU nurses in Government Hospital. Coping strategy based on feeling, diversion of situation, building self confidence, social support, solving problems by family, avoiding problems, spiritual support, relationships with friends, support from professionals, participating in activities, humor and relaxation.
The research was a descriptive quantitative. The respondents were HCU nurses with total sampling of 47 nurses. The valid and reliable questionnaire was used. Data was analyzed using quantitative analysis. The result showed that HCU nurses used coping strategy which was on scale of 3,07 with a range of 1-5 (SD = 0,31). HCU Nurses use an average of relaxation coping strategy which was on scale of 3,34 with a range 1-5 (SD = 0,59). It is recommended that nurses learn coping strategies, and avoid stressors through stress management relaxation training.
Keywords:- Coping Strategy, Nurses, HCU Room.