Authors :-Anushree R, Nikita R Kashampurkar.

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 Volume 3 Issue 4

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The main aim here is to design a system for monitoring the quality of the water. This type of monitoring is required everywhere but especially in rural areas, as there the environment where people stay is more polluted and dirty. The places where garbage is mixed with water is the major concerned area of the project. Here it is tried to develop a real time water quality monitoring system which could help not only urban but also in rural areas. This kind of monitoring is necessary as if not done may affect the health of the people staying in such kind of polluted areas. This system is developed using ARM7, sensors, and a personal system which is PC. The core component used here is ARM7 which is programmed using c language. The developed system will tell about few basic parameters which informs about water’s quality and these parameters are pH level of water, level of water, temperature of water and even carbon dioxide on surface of the water.
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