Authors :- D. Priyadharshini , M. Renuka Devi , P. Palani kumar

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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Creating An Image Using Encrypted Sensitive Words And Hiding over The Video Frame“ is the software developed which uses the data hiding is one of the most better data and communication protection by hiding information into a media carrier technology called asstegnography . This method shows the way to create an image using encrypted sensitive text, hide over the video frame. In our daily life we are sending message through email, mobiles, social medias etc… But sometimes the unauthorized person (hackers) will easily hack our secret message. Now a days it’s very difficult to send a secret message to sender to receiver . So this paper provide a high security for sending the secret message from sender to receiver. That is by creating an image using encrypted sensitive words and hide over the video frame. Mainly two methods are used in this “Cryptography, Stenography”. This application mainly used in defense, business, etc… for sending secret message more securely.