Authors : Ahmad Hidayat, Muchlassuseno, Asepsupena.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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This research aims to Enhance creativity Indonesian narrative essay writing through project based learning models with instrumental music learning in class V SD LPI At-Taufiq, District CempakaPutih, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, in the academic year 2017 / 2018.This research is a classroom action research, conducted collaboratively between Researchers and collaborators. Data collected through observation, testing and documentation. Data collection instruments were used that observation sheets, guidelines on the assessment tests and cameras. Data analysis with qualitative descriptive techniques statistics The results Showed learning project based learning models with instrumental music can Enhance students’ creativity narrative essay writing. Improvement based on the quality of learning and behavior of students in the pre-action, the first cycle and the second cycle. Improvement can also be seen from the scores and percentages. The number of students who enter the category of creative pre-action as much as 3 students or 8:57%, First cycle 14 students 40% and cycle II 8 students Categorized as very creative and 21 students get creative category, meaning there were 29 students who completed or 82.85% of the total classical.
Keywords:- Model Project Based Learning, Instrumental Music, Creativity and Writing Narrative Essays.