Authors :-Th. Ankit Singh, Anamika Ranjan, Jatin Singh.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Several problems are faced by today’s generation. One of them is the increase in pollution in everyday life. We want it reduced by using some ecofriendly way like cycles which requires mechanical force. Another way to accomplish this is by using electricity to produce this force i.e. electric motors. This is where the concept of electric skateboard steps in. Using PWM to control the motor and connecting the motor with a skateboard. PWM circuit is used and improvised according to our own needs for higher voltage. Along with these the basic concept of skateboard parts is studied and manipulated to our needs so as to attach a motor to it. The skateboard is fabricated by keeping in mind the roads of India so that it can run on rough terrain, not only on well-developed roads.
Keywords:- Pulse Width Modulation, DC Motor, 555 Timer, Electric Skateboard.