Authors :- Sandeep Kulkarni, Dr. Amaresh K. Nashi

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 11

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Easy access to micro credit is significantly associated with small business survival. Easy access to microfinance is closely associated with cordial relationship and regular contact with loan field officer as well as regular participation in microfinance. The appropriateness of loan size, proper utilization of loan given and a good repayment plan schedule are the factors that make micro credit worthwhile for small business operators. This Research Paper focuses its attention on investigating the effects of micro financing on small business survival, growth and expansion in Dharwad District. It intends to contribute to the array of literature written by different scholars on decision making in Mses Development. Despite its increasing roles, access to credit by Mses Remains one major constraint. This shows that micro finance activities are relevant for the growth and development of Micro and Small-scale enterprises.