Authors : Md. Wahidur Rahman, Rahabul Islam.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 8

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This research accentuates on the smart vehicles garage system as well as the security issues of a vehicle garage system. We designed a very cheap smart garage system which basically based on Internet of things (IoT) with improved, efficient, elevated security system. This developed system can easily be applicable in our regular purposes. Again this system can be effortlessly controlled by user from both inside and outside of the garage. This research paper enriches with (i) Garage automation which allows user to control the door and electrical components of the garage. (ii) Vehicles security which provides users improved security system from morning to all day long. (iii) Vehicles tracking which enables the user to track the vehicles inside the garage and also outside the garage.
Keywords:- IoT (Internet of things); GPS; Vehicles garag;, GSM; Laser ; IP-Camera; LDR.