Authors :-Sagar Sharma, Earaf Momin, Shivam Singh, Nilesh Singh, Prachi Wakode.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Reverse osmosis membrane technology has developed over the past 40 years to a 44% share in world desalting production capacity, and an 80% share in the total number of desalination plants installed worldwide. The use of membrane desalination has increased as materials have improved and costs have decreased. Today, reverse osmosis membranes are the leading technology for new desalination installations, and they are applied to a variety of salt water resources using tailored pretreatment and membrane system design. Reverse Osmosis (RO) will continue to be used worldwide; as a new technology in energy recovery and renewable energy, as well as innovative plant design, will allow greater use of desalination for inland and rural communities, while providing more affordable water for large coastal cities.
Keywords:- Desalination, Drinking water, Membranes, Seawater, Reverse Osmosis ,Saline water.