Authors :- Thombare Radhika Shripad, Thombare Shreyash Shripad

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 9

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The Quad-Copters which are also known as multi rotors or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are used for various kinds of applications nowadays. Goal of this paper is to introduce a future Concept Drone or Quad-Copter which is securely used for Driverless or Autonomous Vehicles. For the countries like India most of the roadways doesn’t have lane system and current as well as future concept autonomous cars required identification of lanes for performing secured driverless action for transport. To overcome the requirement of lane identification system which is familiar with future concept driverless cars, this paper introduce a conceptual additional equipment name as Assistant Directional Quad-Copter or Navigator Quad-Copter.This future concept Quad-Copter helps to the upcoming driverless cars, for accurate and secured driving in India or on lane roads. The multi rotor drone shoots or capture on going traffic situations through 3600focus Camera and transmits live recorded data to future concept driverless cars via satellites or Cloud Computing Technology as per convinience .
Keywords:-Driverless Cars (Autonomous Cars), Lane Identification System, Multi Rotor Drone, Quad-Copters.