Authors :-Aswathy Vijayan, Maria Raju, Mintu Anna Paul, Neenu N.K., Ajish P.J.,Aravind Rajagopal.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 3

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This paper deals with On Road Charging Electric Vehicle (OLEV) which is an innovative technologyin electricity-powered transportation system. It picks up electricity from pick up coil which buried under the ground. The electric vehicle used so far need a battery for energy storage and charging stations are needed for filling the battery. We have fill the battery after a certain interval of time since the capacity of battery is limited. But On Charging Electric Vehicle (OLEV) is a solution for the limitation of existing plug-in electric vehicle. The principle behind OLEV is electromagnetic induction. The electric vehicle is charged, when it is moved along the path consisting pick up coil buried under the road. The power is stored in the battery and when the electric vehicle moves along the path where the pick-up coil is not installed, the power stored in the battery is used up. The OLEV replaces the huge batteries and charging stations. It also reduces losses and limit the atmospheric pollution.
Keywords:- OLEV, Recharging road, Power pickup unit, plug in electric vehicle, SMFIR.