Authors :- Vaibhavi P. Doshi, Bhagyashree N. Naik, Mayuri B. Harpude, Nagina N. Phate, Prof. A. R. Uttarkar

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 12

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Automation is an indispensable some portion of any working instrument. The utilization of microcontrollers in vehicles is a well known situation. There are numerous approaches to decide the fuel stock in a vehicle’s tank, there are contact less methods and there are contact based systems. A wide range of procedures are utilized to day in the vehicle industry. These days, at a large number of the oil Stations, we don’t get the correct measure of oil as appeared by the filling machine. The measure of fuel we get is to some degree not as much as the sum we ought to really get. In the present current and advanced world, if the fuel marker in the vehicles is made computerized, at that point it will help us to know the correct measure of fuel accessible/filled in the tank. The above fact is considered in our undertaking. Also the user need to know current amount of fuel in vehicle in accurate manner to decide the destination and hence fill the fuel. The correct measure of fuel accessible in the tank will be shown carefully by making the utilization of Ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensor is a noncontact sensor, with low power necessity and great precision. It beats the issues looked by different gages and is reasonable for the non -contact estimation of the fuel inside the tank. This venture mostly focuses on the computerized sign of fuel in vehicle’s tank and Map Navigation for nearest fuel station.
Keywords—Ultrasonic Sensors, Microcontroller (Raspberry pi), Embedded System.