Authors :-J.Joshua, A.Aravindhan, E.Karthick raja, N.Purushothaman, B.Sedhupathy.

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 Volume 3 Issue 3

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The main objective of this project is to design a prototype that can able to prevent the precipitation and sedimentation of sludge and algae in the tank without using any external forces. Most of us use plastic water tank to store the water in our home. If we do not clean the water tank for a long time then the sludge will precipitate on the inner wall of the tank. The precipitate may be harmful when mixed in water. The precipitates settle at the bottom. By using the buoyancy force of the water, a Float (low density material) is made to float on the water surface. A brush like material with rough surface fixed below the float which in contact with inner surface of the tank is used to clean the sludge formed in it and rises or goes down according to the change of water level. A filter is used at the bottom of the setup. Removed sludge will gets settled on the filter. After few months the setup can be taken from the tank, cleaned and can be placed again. The precipitation formed in the tank can be easily prevented by using this simple setup. This project will prevent the sediments and also reduces the risk of diseases which occurred due to the precipitation and sedimentation of salt.