Authors :-Prashanth H.K, Anilkumar Ballur, Dhareppa Saidapur, Maning Ranjanagi, Rajendra Nimbalkar.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 4

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Rapid growth in urban population coupled with economic growth, urbanization and rise in community living standards have resulted in generation of huge quantities of municipal solid waste posing serious problems: to municipalities, and corporations in terms of collection and disposal of solid waste, negative impact on the hygienic. The current project is one of a kind prototype, for the segregation of mixed household, Educational institutions and small industries waste into various components for easy processing of later stages for re-usage, recycling or disposal methods. This is achieved by three different criterions, namely a) Ferro -metallic scrap material b) Light weight waste material c) Centrifugal separation. Due to this the occupational hazard for waste disposal workers is reduced. Also, the segregated waste could be directly sent to the recycling and processing plant instead of sending it to the segregation plant.
Keywords:- Solid waste, Separator, Centrifugal separation, Blower, Ferro metallic scrap.