Authors : Nuhu Umar Mukail, Odo Crescent Onyema.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 5

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This study aimed to develop and implement management information system for Nasarawa State polytechnic lafia and thus determine its impact on school administration. Stratified random samplingwas adopted to sample the target population.Questionnaire and interview were the data gathering instruments used.This study established that management information system is very effective in carrying out series of administrative and managerial activities within the institution compared to the manual system currently in use. The respondents opined positively regarding the effectiveness and the impacts of MIS in different activities it was employed during the implementation phase of the new system (MIS). Improvement in productivity, registrations, performance of duties and decision making were the key areas of success recorded as a result of MIS. The study recommendedthat, MIS should be fully adopted by Nasarawa State Polytechnic lafia. And that, there should be training and retraining of staff and students on the use of the MIS package.
Key word:- MIS; Institution; ICT.