Authors : Reva Juwita, Makmuri, Wardani Rahayu.

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 Volume 3 Issue 7

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This study aims to improve the learning outcomes of third-grade students of elementary school Through the development of interactive materials using multisensory learning model on multiplication materials. This research was conducted at SDN Cipinang Cempedak 06 Pagi by using Research and Development method, which in English is called Research and Development (R & D). The results of this study are Based on the results of questionnaires individual testing showed that interactive materials have received a very good response from students with 89.60% percentage. While the results of small group questionnaire data obtained a very good response from students with a percentage of 83.80% and Effectiveness of the use of interactive teaching materials can be seen from the results of learning after conducting field trials by providing a matter of pretest and posttest. The data obtained are t = 12,98 with df 25 and p-value 0,000 <0,05 or Ho rejected. Therefore, it is concluded that there are differences in learning outcomes in learning multiplication materials between before and after using interactive materials.
Keywords:- Interactive Teaching Materials, Multisensory Learning Model , Research And Development.