Authors : Ruchi Sharma, Mandeep Sharma, Shefali Dhiman, Ankita Nigam.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 12

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Cakes are popular bakery products consumed by nearly all because of their ready to eat nature, affordable cost and appreciable shelf-life. These products are generally high in sugar and fat contents, there by making them unfit for health conscious population groups. Replacement of sugar in such products with jaggery is a need of hour. The research was carried out at different stages: cake with no porridge(control), 50:50(50% maida & 50% porridge),60:40(60% porridge & 40% maida),40:60 (40% porridge & 60% maida ), 70:30(70% porridge & 30% maida), 80:20(80% porridge & 20% maida) to develop wholesome and nutritious cake of which the ratio which gain maximum acceptability level on the basis of sensory evaluation was 70:30. The use of porridge in cake resulted in increase in fiber content and ash content , decrease in fat content.