Authors :- Kamana Sahani, S. Geetha, K. P. J. Hemalatha

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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The aim of present study was to isolate the endophytic fungi from the medicinal plant Boerhavia diffusa L. During the present investigation, endophytes were isolated from the symptomless leaves, stem and root. A total of 81 strains were recovered from different tissues of Boerhavia diffusa L. This is the first report of isolating the endophytic fungi from Boerhavia diffusa L. from the eastern Ghat. Moreover the richness and diversity of the endophytic fungi were different in different part of plant. Frequency of colonization of endophytic fungi was found higher in the leaf segments, than the stem and root i.e. 17%, 14.5%, 9% respectively.Furthermore Biodiversity of endophytic fungi in various segments of the plant were determined by statistical analysisSimpson index (1-D), Shannon-wiener index (Hs) and Species richness (R1).
Keywords:-Endophytic fungi, Boerhavia diffusa L, Eastern Ghat, CR, IR,Simpson index (1-D), Shannon-wiener index (Hs) and Species richness (R1).