Authors :- Shubham Anand , Sukita Shettigar , Suman Goudar , Aditi Ohol , Prof. Surekha Janrao

Volume/Issue:  Volume 3 Issue 1

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Agricultural sector is the backbone of our country and it plays a vital role in the overall economic growth of our nation. India has about 59% of its total area for agricultural purpose. The contribution of agricultural sector to our GDP is about 17%. Advanced techniques or the betterment in the arena of agriculture will as certain to increase the competence of certain farming activities. In this paper we introduce a concept for smart farming which utilizes wireless sensor web technology with a web based application. This will play a crucial role in helping farmers. It will aim for the betterment in the facilities given to the farmers and by focussing on the measurement of production of the crops. With the help of data mining techniques and algorithms like K-nearest, decision tree we will gather each and every data related to the farming and it should be updated frequently so that farmers and the consumers will get the right knowledge of the respective crops and about the suitable equipments related to farming. Existing system are not so much efficient in displaying such data characteristics. Our main aim is to enhance the growth in the agriculture sector and make the existing system smarter so that the decision- maker can define the expansion of agriculture activities to empower the different forces in existing agriculture sector.
Keywords—Data Mining, K-Nearest Neighbour, Neural Network Association Rule, Decision Tree, Digitalization, Digital Farming.