Authors :- Sreelakshmi C.V ,Steffi Antony , Uthara k , Smitha Joseph

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 2

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Abstract:-The paper presents a comfort tension free and easy way of travelling. For this we are introducing an automated fare collection system which involves the combined usage of smart cards and GPS technology. This helps to reduce manpower in the field of public transportation. The smart card can be used for entering and leaving the bus. Public transportation poses a higher risk of safety and security since there happen to be more passengers in a single bus. As a developing country, the problem becomes worse in India because of the lack of suitable and integrated approaches. So here the buses will be fitted with panic button alarms in an effort to protect women from sexual violence on public transport. For ensuring the safety of the public, the moving pedestrian is detected using image processing. There is a separate stop announcement system which alerts the passengers prior to next halt.
Keywords:-Radio-frequency identification (RFID), Global Positioning System (GPS), Public Transport System(PTS), Programmable interface controller(PIC).