Authors : Ninad Kiran Magdum.

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 Volume 3 Issue 8

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In last few decades increase in the automobiles have reached peak. These automobiles use non-renewable sources which produces dangerous fumes, so electrical energy is the best alternative. Among all energy sources available electrical energy is more reliable, efficient and economic. Combustions engines used in automobiles releases huge amount of greenhouse gases in environment which results in increasing global warming and air pollution. So these petrol and diesel vehicles need to be replaced with a best alternative such as electrical vehicles. [1]
The main reason behind handling this paper is to place the idea of electrical bike which is affordable for the common people in our country, and to use these electrical bikes over dangerous fume releasing cars and bikes.
Along, the development of technologies the theory must be also implemented to design and manufacture a product that can be sold off at greater frequency which has a low production cost and with a very good quality to use and implement all those ideas which may reduce the use of fume releasing automobiles we planned to make the design[3].