Authors : Tenriwaru, Made Sudarma, Darwis Said, Mediaty.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 8

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This type of qualitative research is considered an appropriate approach for parts what ulterior motives that exist behind the generosity of the company that bundled in with the term CSR. To parse this motive we borrow Bourdieu epistemology as a method of analysis to observe relations habitus, capital and the realm of CSR practices in the company, in the social reality of the company did its business activities with a dredge of natural resources and utilize a number of existing resources for the benefit of the owners of capital. As a result a lot of damage to nature which is the negative impact of the existence of the company. due to this the community demanded the company responsible for the destruction of the social institution and natural disasters that arise because of the business activities of the company, CSR was born from the existence of peoples demands and pressure from the Government which gave birth to the Social Responsibility law company law No. 40 year 2007 which gave responsibility for the company responsible for the social life on top of the bad impact caused by the operation of the business of the company.
Keywords:- Social, Corporate, Business, Economics, Responsibility.