Authors : Usman Samatowa.

Volume/Issue :-
 Volume 3 Issue 10

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The problems highlighted in the study are: (1) how is the profile of education in Boalemo district ?, (2) how is the problem of education in Boalemo District? (3) how is the alternative model of the solution ? The objectives to be achieved from this study are (1) describing education profiles in Boalemo district, (2) describing education problems in remote areas in Boalemo District, (3) describing alternative models for solving educational problems in remote areas of Boalemo District. The results of this study are expected: (1) as a material contribution of thought for parents of students in order to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of education for children, (2) for the government as input to establish appropriate measures or policies in preventing and improving education programs in remote areas, (3) for writers as an added value in the expansion of knowledge and insight as well as training in solving problems by using scientific methods, (4) for further researchers to become a foothold and comparison for a more in-depth study of this problem in terms of aspects which is relevant.
Keywords:- education, remote areas.