Authors :-Barpati Amala, Jarupla Surendar and Durga Rao,

Volume/Issue:  Volume 2 Issue 7

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Flaxseed is a premium food delivering highperformance and is one of the richest sources of ω-3 fattyacids. Stevia is a natural, non energeticsweetener. Thesetwo ingredients are having antimicrobial activity and fungistatic activity. This study shows the effect of microbial quality with the addition of flaxseed and stevia.The flaxseed (15%) and stevia(25,50,75,100%)-replacement with sugar) were added to the sample.The consumer acceptability of the cereal bars were carried out using 9-hedonic scale, the sample with 1.12% replacement of stevia was selected. The selected bars were assessed for proximate, mineral and microbial quality. When compare to the control, the samples with flaxseed and stevia were found to be low for susceptibility to microbial growth in terms of total plate count and yeast/mold count, due to antimicrobial activity and fungi static activity of flaxseed and stevia. The foods containing flaxseed and stevia could be used without any worry about food borne disease and can be used as antimicrobial agents.
KEYWORDS: multigrain bar, flaxseed, stevia, microbial activity.